Want to Transform Peoples lives and get well paid for it? Then make sure you attend...

1 day Introduction to Emotional Intelligent Life-Coaching

9.30am till 3.30pm   Saturday June 16th  -  Clifton Hill, Melbourne

Emotional Intelligence is the Number 1 determinant of Happiness and Success. As a Thrive Coach you can use emotional intelligence to help others to identify and clear the blocks holding them back, so they can be at their best, move forward, live life fully and create a life they love.

Come along to this free introduction day and discover an exciting new paradigm in coaching, how to find your purpose, clear blocks and enjoy an amazing way of living that is fun and fulfilling. 

5 Great Reasons to Attend this Fun and Informative Day...

1. Discover a pathway to create a life you love that makes a big difference.
2. Gain the freedom to work when you want, from home, coaching clients world wide!
3. Learn the 5 easy steps to find clients and generate your first $1K.
4. Experience  'Core Clearing' and quickly and gently clear a block that's been holding you back or weighing you down.

4. Enjoy a fun day, making new friends and connecting to an open hearted community.
5. Discover if being a heart centred life coach is your true calling.

Who is the Thrive Coaching Day For?

Thrive coaching is for:

  • Caring people who’d like to help others heal pain and suffering, find inner peace and freedom 
  • Mum’s with grown up children, looking for a meaningful way to make a difference in people lives, earn some extra income and enjoy the freedom and flexibility to work the hours you choose..
  • Those who are in an unfulfilling '9-5 job' and want to help others follow their heart 
  • Free Spirits who want the flexibility to make a great living, doing what they love.
  • People who want create a wonderful life helping others connect and deepen relationships.
  • Those who feel empty or lost and want to discover a meaningful way of living.
  • Leaders who want to make a bigger impact in making the world a more open hearted place.
  • Coaches wanting to develop their skills to help others clear blockages and live life fully.
  • Anyone who wants to make a significant difference in service to others


For your whole life, you have been a great listener that others want to talk to. 

Your friends, family & co-workers rely on you for spot-on advice. And you love providing guidance. You’re at your best when connecting with others.

Perhaps helping others is your personal calling. But you never learned the skills and strategies to inspire spiritual and personal growth.

That changes on Saturday, June 16th…


I’m Nicholas de Castella, Founder of Thrive Coach Academy. 

Using this work, I have helped over 10,000 people to release pain and struggle, connect their heart, find inner peace and happiness, deepen relationships, find their passion and live life fully.

You are here on earth to find self love, to prosper and be of service to others. You have gifts to give and it is only when you are giving YOUR gift that you will find true happiness and fulfilment.

Come and let me show you the steps to create a rich and fulfilling way to really make a difference in others lives.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Kind Regards,


P.S. Our Thrive Coach Training is Professionally Accredited and our coaches gain Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Listen to what mums and dads, leaders and doctors say about Nicholas' work...


What holds us back from FINDING our PURPOSE and THRIVING: living a life of meaning, fulfillment & abundance?

Here’s the short answer:    Unresolved Emotions. 

These ‘emotional blocks’ keep us feeling stuck, anxious, unmotivated and lacking in direction. The only way to move forward is to identify and release them.

Your emotions are your passion, your life force energy to create what you love. If you can't feel your emotions, then you won't be living passionately.


There is old tradition in the East that says that to create a fulfilling career in service to others there are four needs that must be satisfied:

1. You must do what you love

2. You must do what you are good at (or get trained to be good at it)

3. You must offer a service that people want

4. Your service must be something that people will pay for

Experience Core Clearing
During THRIVE DAY, I’m going to show you a fast & effective process to clear the biggest block in any area of your life. We call this breakthrough process: 'Core Clearing' and it is based on Emotional Intelligence.

You will receive a Certificate of Emotional Literacy.
Emotional Literacy is the foundation of Emotional Intelligence. It is your ability to understand the good purpose and meaning of each of the 6 emotions, to be able to recognise, manage and channel your feelings in ways that support you in creating what you want. It includes your ability to articulate your feelings to others clearly. 

Emotional Literacy helps you become more self-aware, stay on track, make better decisions, connect with and respond to others in appropriate ways, move past the bottlenecks restricting your confidence to step up, do what you love and live life fully.


Morning Session

  • What is Thrive Coaching and what makes a great Thrive Coach
  • check
    The 20 Questions to find your purpose, build a business and create a life you love
  • Discover the hotest niches for Thrive Coaches to specialise in
  • Understand the Dynamics of Change we use in Emotional Intelligent coaching
  • Learn and practice a simple format for your 1st Coaching Session


  • Enjoy lunch while meeting and connecting with like-minded people. Many of the attendees become deeply connected friends.

Afternoon Session 

  • Raise your Emotional Literacy: Your ability to recognise, understand, manage and express your emotions. 
  • check
    Learn the fundamental principles of the Core Clearing process to clear blocks,  find clarity and direction.
  • Experience Core Clearing for yourself and instantly feel more calm, connected and enthusiastic. 
  • Follow along our proven blueprint that shows you exactly how to make your first $1k  as a Thrive Coach.

I have been to several day seminars with Nicholas. Each time I leave with a great sense of inner peace that stays with me for some time afterwards. I love myself more, I feel more creative, I have more fun and a greater sense of connection in my close relationships. I let go of worry and I get more done.

I really love the core clearing process. It is powerful in a very gentle and organic way. If everyone in the world had it in their life - world peace would be possible. Nicholas facilities the day in his heart felt and connected way, giving every one the gift of his presence. Maggie Macgill, Chi Running and Pilates Trainer 

You will also walk away with 3 Great Bonuses...

1. THRIVE! Guide to Emotional Intelligence Coaching Book 

In this up-to-date version, you will discover the foundations of Emotional Intelligence Coaching and how you can use the principles in your own life to create positive breakthroughs in the right direction.

2. FREE Training: Passion Finder Program 

You will also gain FREE access to the Passion Finder Online Training Program that reveals how to find your purpose and live it.


All attendees receive and Emotional Literacy Certificate. By the end of the day you will have a greater capacity to identify and unbderstand what you are feeling, be able to communicate your feelings to others and channel your emotions in more creative ways.

Emotional Literacy Competenices Covered on the Day

Self Awareness: Knowing one’s internal states, preferences, resources and intuitions

  • Awareness: Recognising one’s emotions and core heart states
  • Comprehe​nsion: knowing the meaning of different emotions
  • Self-confidence: A sense of one’s self worth and capabilities

Emotional Mastery: Managing one’s internal states, impulses and resources 

  • Self-control: Keeping emotions and impulses in check
  • Self Validation: Maintaining self-love no matter which emotion is experienced
  • Adaptability: Flexibility in handling change

Dynamics of Change: Feelings that guide or facilitate reaching goals 

  • Facilitating change: Initiating or managing change
  • Commitment: Aligning with goals and aspirations in life
  • Optimism: Persistence in pursuing goals despite setbacks

Is Becoming A Thrive Coach Right For Me?

“Do I need to have it ‘all together’ to become an Thrive Coach?”

Thrive Coaches are conduits. They facilitate the breakthroughs that help people cross the bridge to the next step in their life.

You do NOT need to have it all figured out to be a Thrive Coach. 

What you DO need is a strong desire to help people, a willingness to open your heart and the courage to live the life you are here to live. 

Why become a Thrive Coach? 

Thrive Coaches can:

  • Help people open their heart and transform their lives.
  • Enjoy an exciting, meaningful career from home.
  • Work around family life.
  • check
    Work you own hours, Earn $100+ per hour.
  • check
    Belong to a passionate and supportive community.
  • check
    Work anywhere in the world.

Now, the only question left is this…

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?
Discover How to Help Others As A Thrive Coach

An amazing heart-warming and uplifting experience that I will implement for the rest of my life. I gained clarity to understand what was preventing me from moving forward and cleared it.

Michelle Wallis

I never expected that I could be in such a space of calm, centeredness and appreciation.

Kristy Emmett

I experienced a wonderful shift in awareness. My compassion for myself and for others has greatly improved. Thank you so much

Chris Zerbe

I feel free to live my life fully as I got in touch with unresolved emotions and cleared blockages holding me back. I have learnt to connect and live from my heart.

Nass Sena

Hall of Fame: A Few of Our Passion Finders...

Anne Hubbard, Emotional Intelligent Parenting Coach
It was really challenging to turn up for myself in each moment and step away from being a mother and wife to spend time on myself, however I wanted to walk my talk and live an authentic and heart-filled life and it was well worth it!

Now, I’ doing what I love, running Emotional Intelligence trainings for parents of kids and teenagers, Tuning into Kids and Tuning into Teens programs enhanced with my learning from Nicholas. I love holding the space to help parents connect with how their emotions impact their relationships and empower them to teach these skills to their children.

With my own personal growth through the training I have run over 30 group programs with clients from the UK, US, Czech Republic and even Sri Lanka. I conduct sessions and programs in Melbourne and online for parents locally, interstate and globally including at local primary and secondary schools and youth groups. 

Jean Thomas - Telstra Award Winning Conservationist.
I was drawn to becoming a Thrive Well-Being Coach because I was at the point in my life where I wanted to share my knowledge with the world. I had learned so much from Nicholas and Susan with my own personal Growth through the training and it was time for me to step up and share this with others. 

The Thrive Well-Being Coaching Course was the perfect structure I needed to get me there and not just dream about it. The best part of the training was I healed myself along the way.

My husband,Jim, and I have created a world leading conservation program to save the tree Kangaroo in Papua New Guinea.

Melinda Behrens-Macauley, Personal Trainer, Thrive Coach and Amazing Athlete.
After working in the Fitness Industry for over 20yrs, I became increasingly frustrated seeing people think that if they 'only lost the kilo's' then life would be better. I would sell them personal training programs & supplements in the hope they would look after their bodies better, but at the same time knowing that none of this would actually make them happier, and what's more that many of them would achieve their goals only to fall off the bandwagon and return to the unhealthy life they used to live, or worse. 

I decided to attend the Thrive Coaching to develop skills to help my clients recognize that the answer to a successful, fulfilling & rewarding life isn't dependent on how we look on the outside and to help them release what has held them back and sabotaged their efforts in the past.

Using the Thrive Coaching tools, I now offer my personal training clients an opportunity to release the programs that are holding them stuck in all areas of their lives. Professionally this has given me another product, and 30% profit income stream to add to my business, at the same time adding value to my clients results and lives. This additional coaching product is steadily drawing a new market segment into my business - those who aren't interested in fitness services. In addition I host an online & face to face mentoring group where I am teaching the principles I've learned, and leveraging my time in doing so, adding a further 12% profit & given me another marketing funnel for new clients.

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About the Presenter: Nicholas de Castella

Nicholas de Castella is an expert in emotional intelligence and has over 20 years experience in life coaching and counselling. He has conducted over 15,000 private counselling and coaching sessions around the world.  He is an experienced facilitator and speaker and the workshops he runs are designed to help people to thrive and live life fully with a focus on practical Emotional Intelligence, Relationship skills, Breathwork, Meditation and Core Clearing techniques and Thrive Coach Training.

Nicholas spent his youth as a world class high performing athlete and represented Australia four times in World Athletic Championships. After surviving a tragic car accident and suffering from chronic fatigue he started to explore different methods of healing. 25 years ago, at the age of 32, Nicholas made a career shift from working as a successful architect to founding his own personal development company.

Nicholas has dedicated his life to coaching and teaching about the power of open hearted living. He is passionate about helping to facilitate the realisation of the beauty and power that is available to us when we open our heart.  He conducts sessions, workshops and presentations at his coaching centre in Clifton Hill and retreat centre in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, Australia.  Nicholas is a passionate husband and father, a mentor and inspiration to many, and loves to spend time on his beautiful 7 acre bush property with his family and friends.

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