What is an OASIS

An oasis is a watering hole in the middle of the desert,
where you can cool down and quench you thirst.

Modern day living is fast paced and hectic, and because of that, we tend to repress our emotions and feelings more than ever before, causing anxiety and stress to become a part of our day to day lives.

Finding a person who has not been touched by anxiety and stress in some manner is more difficult as time goes by, and depression is now seen as normal occurrence in the 21st Century.

Did you know the US is officially the unhappiest country in the world, closely followed by the UK and Australia. The most advanced cultures have the highest level of stress and unhappiness. This seems such a paradox to how we have been bought up to perceive the lucky countries!


Stress and anxiety lead to

* Mental confusion

* Tiredness,

* Emotional

* Reactivity

* Under performance at work

* Loss of clarity

* Decreased immune functioning

* Physical disease

* Relationship strain and unhappiness.


Would you like to manage your emotions better?

Would you like to keep things in perspective?

Would you like to not get overwhelmed when things go wrong?

Would you like less picky fights?

How would you like to get BACK IN CONTROL?

How would you like to FEEL ON TOP OF THINGS?

Are You Stressed?

Most of us have used the term ‘stressed’ at one time or another, especially when we are feeling pressured or tense, but how can we know if the stress we feel periodically has spread through our life in such a manner that it is now part of our lifestyle?

The answer to that question is at hand, and can be found by answering a few simple questions.

Do you feel wound up inside, restless?

Do you find it hard to wind down, take time out?

Do you feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done?

Have you been feeling constantly tired or had trouble getting motivated?

Have noticed that you have been a bit tense, moody or grumpy lately?

Has your partner or friend noticed that you have been a bit tense, moody or grumpy lately?

Have you had trouble thinking clearly, remembering things, getting focused?

How long since you had a good belly laugh?

Have you been easily upset, irritable or reactive lately?

Been feeding the worry monster?

Worrying about things you know are ridiculous?

Have you not sleeping well or waking up tired?

The Consequences of Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can cause havoc on any organism, causing debilitating symptoms such as mental confusion, tiredness, low performance at work, and even illnesses in the most severe cases. Stress and anxiety also put our personal relationships at risk by causing us to feel unhappy, strained and emotionally reactive, which in turn increases the amount of stress our loved ones feel, making them step away from us to avoid a negative influence on their own lives.

Stress is marked by the appearance of sweating, trembling, an increased heart rate, and several other symptoms, while anxiety can also present with loose stools, and a more frequent need to urinate. Once it reaches this point, you may have an emotional and physical breakdown in a short time, which can worsen until you have a heart attack, putting your life at risk.

There Is A Way Out

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from happening, and stress related conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and depression can be treated successfully. Oasis is a ten week program that allows you to learn more about the root cause of the stress and anxiety affecting your lifestyle, while teaching you how to let it go and helping you live a happier and easier life.

Each week, Oasis will help you look within to find the cause of your problems, while teaching you deep relaxation techniques that help you increase your inner energy, giving you the opportunity to feel more optimistic and at ease with your life. Oasis will help you explore conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, panic disorders, and social anxiety, assisting you in finding the answer within yourself and helping you feel more optimistic, while making you more productive at the same time.


  • Deep relaxation
  • More inner peace
  • Greater clarity
  • star
    More energy
  • star
    More present
  • star
    More self confident
  • star
    More at ease with life
  • star
    Feel lighter, more buoyant, optimistic
  • star
    Be more productive
  • star
    More fun and happiness



We are going to do a different meditation each week and explore different ways of mastering stress and anxiety in every day life and cultivating peace and contentment.

Themes we will address in the program include:

Session 1

  • check
    Exploration of the causes, symptoms and antidote to stress and anxiety
  • check
    Practical strategies to instantly reduce stress and anxiety instantly.
  • check
    Meditation 1 on creating calm

Session 2

  • check
    The inner and outer game of Mastering stress and anxiety
  • check
    Meditation 2 on creating calm

Session 3

  • check
    Mastering stress, understanding anger and frustration
  • check
    Mastering Anger Meditation

Session 4

  • check
    Breathing into Bliss
  • check
    7 Fun and enlivening breathing techniques

Session 5

  • check
    Mastering Anxiety, understanding fear
  • check
    Mastering Fear Meditation

Session 6

  • check
    Creating an optimistic, positive attitude to life
  • check
    Meditation: Creating a positive mindset

Session 7

  • check
    Mindfulness: Creating an open, spacious mind
  • check
    Mindful Meditations and practices

Session 8

  • check
    Presencing: How to be kind and gentle with yourself
  • check
    Meditation: Feeling under stress and anxiety into Calm and Ease

Session 9

  • check
    Diffusing stress and anxiety triggers: core issue healing
  • check
    Meditation on healing emotional triggers

Session 10

  • check
    Cultivating Gratitude and Grace: building trust in life
  • check
    Living from essence (heart)
  • check
    Meditation: Cultivating Grace and Gratitude


Life can pass us by all too fast and it is really important to take some regular time out to sit back and get some perspective.

The OASIS online program will do just that and it’s from the convenience of your own home and can be done at a time that suits you.

This 10 week online program will develop 

1. Your self-awareness in the causes of stress and anxiety,

2. How to let go and relax into your body

3. And live in the present moment with more joy and ease.

Each week you will explore ways of cultivating joy, ease and flow in our life. You will explore the physical, mental and emotional and spiritual aspects of living from a place of inner peace and wellness.


Begin your journey to mastering your stress and anxiety right now
The OASIS Home study program is available for $497 AUD

Nicholas de Castella has over 20 years experience conducting private sessions, Emotional Intelligence Trainings, Men’s weekends, Relationship Seminars, Breathwork Practitioner Trainings and Life Coaching. He has conducted workshops in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and England. He is also author of ‘Keys To Emotional Mastery’, and a number of meditation CDs.

Nicholas enjoys a vibrant, loving, marriage with Susan. They have two young sons, Charles and Alexander. The de Castella family live at their retreat on seven beautiful acres of Victorian rainforest. In his youth Nicholas represented Australia four times in World Athletic Championships. In 1985 he was involved in a tragic car accident and suffered from ‘chronic fatigue’ which prompted him to explore healing. In November 1992, Nicholas made a career shift from working as an architect to founding his own personal development company. He conducts sessions at his healing centre in Clifton Hill and retreats in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, Australia.

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