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Newsletter – june 2017

Thrive Coaching Academy

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It’s Time for Humanity to Thrive!

We are at the forefront of a global transformation of humanity from being head to heart centered. We are so keen to take you with us on this amazing journey of living in a world with more people who are heart connected, emotionally intelligent and enjoying life in the present moment.

We are thrilled that our transformational coaching leads the way for heart based Emotional Intelligence Training and keen to spread the message even wider.

You may notice that the creative juices have been flowing with our mission of ‘THRIVE’ and it is what we want you to do. Our mission is to train Thrive Avatars (Open Hearted Spiritual Warriors) to help birth a new heart connected humanity, where everyone can thrive.

Thrive Coach Academy (www.thrivecoachacademy.com) is the new banner we will be using that still upholds all that is valued about heart centeredness, heart intelligence, mindfulness and presence.

We train Thrive Avatars (spiritual warriors), open hearted people with practical Emotional Intelligent life skills to clear the emotional blocks that hold us back and cause mistakes, stress, isolation, anxiety, depression, relationship conflict and illness.

Thrive Avatars know how to help others connect to the peace, love, happiness and wisdom within, to live with more kindness, compassion, generosity, courage and gratitude so they can heal, create loving relationships, be at their best and thrive in life.


It’s Winter, half way through the year and time for transformation!

Mid-year is a time we often find ourselves turning inwards and reflecting on our lives… with the pace of life slowing down as the weather outside brings us to the cosy indoors more.

In this reflective space questions can simmer up that were always there but have become a little louder in our thoughts. I recommend that you take a little time out to reflect on the following questions:

1. What do I want to achieve this year?

2. What have I achieved in the first half of the year?

3. What do I need to do to change my life?

4. What is it that I want out of life?

These are big questions and we often push them down, distract ourselves from them or not know how to answer them! There are answers to all these questions and you can find them during this time of in wardreflection,the journey is from our thoughts (head) to our feelings (heart). I recommend taking a little time out, with a hot chocolate, pen and paper and do some free writing… just start writing and see what emerges. Use the questions above as prompts.

By creating this space of being at one with your true being, your source or soul you can
feel the movement of the inner glow to the connection of your heart center igniting the sparks of new choices for the freedom to be who you truly are and bathe in this energy of love, purpose and direction.Then you can confidently shine to the world around you.

There is a clear pathway for you to shine in this world and feel so alive while doing it. With any transformation it can feel a little scary and it takes time.

”” To heal and release the pain in our lives we need to accept all our feelings as valid and ‘real’ parts of ourselves, to stop judging emotions as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. We need to practise accepting, letting go, allowing and surrendering…”

Excerpt from: I Open My Heart by Nicholas de Castella


Breakthrough Training Day

Our first Breakthrough Training Day was enthusiastically received I got this email on Monday from Maggie: “Loved Sunday! Loved the meditation, dancing and your vision for humanity.”.

This is a 1 day training that will not only open your eyes, it will also renew your spirit. Be prepared to open your heart as well. This fun and highly experiential day has the seeds that could change the course of your life. This is a radical new way of healing and living, not available anywhere else.

  • • Discover the new Heart Centered Living paradigm for achieving success with joy and ease
  • • Explore in depth the 3 steps to creating breakthroughs with the Core Clearing Process:
    A powerful process to help you overcome frustration, procrastination, accelerate healing and gain clarity, direction and enthusiasm for life.
  • • Experience your own Core Clearing breakthrough
  • • Raise your level of Emotional Intelligence
  • • Discover the 5 steps to Finding Your Passion and Living it.
  • • Get Going: No matter what’s got you stuck, we are here to get you up and going again.

Next Breakthrough Training Day: August 6th – Clifton Hill, Melbourne

Read more:http://thrivecoachacademy.com.au/breakthrough-training/

Passionately Alive Update

An Exuberant Passionately Alive Gang April 2017

Just amazing! … So much fun! … I have made new friends! …

What another successful and connected Passionately Alive workshop we had in April. There is always the amazement at the transformation participants feel in the difference between how they arrived on day 1 to how they are at the end of this life changing 3 ½ day live in workshop.

All have had a shift within them to live more from their heart and all found the space to be friendly and non-judgemental, the energy infectious and the people caring and respectful. What a gift this workshop gives to everyone who comes along.

” What an amazing few days in my life. I met some inspirational people and I learnt so much from them all like how to not be afraid of my emotions…..Thank you Nicholas, you are such a warm and loving soul. It was a pleasure spending the weekend around your energy and the wonderful teachings of Passionately Alive. “


“ Clarity of ‘self’ and giving myself the space to allow my emotions and to feel them has been a true gift from PA. I now have the ability to connect more authentically with family, friends and clients….. I feel unstuck and so much more energised about myself and what I want to do…..”


” What an experience PA was for me it was so worthwhile. I opened my heart and allowed many blocked emotions the chance to flow and be released. The space and people made me feel so supported and cared for which made it so much easier to open up even more than I thought I could.”


Next Passionately Alive: June 22-25, October 26-29, November 23-26

Read more:http://www.eq.net.au/passionately-alive/

Thrive Avatar: Become a Transformational Coach!

  • • Are you a caring, empathetic person who likes to help other people?
  • • Do you feel fulfilled when connecting heart to heart with others?
  • • Would you like a meaningful way to generate a great income?
  • • Are you passionate about living from your heart and growing spiritually?
  • • Would you like to create a ‘freedom lifestyle’ inspiring the greatness in others?

The crisis facing our world is actually the transition pains of a new humanity that is heart based.

The old order is crumbling: we are seeing crisis’ personally, socially and environmentally. Connecting in our heart is the key to realising we are one with all things and what we do to anyone we do to ourselves.

More than ever before we need Thrive Avatars. People who can help bring in the new humanity that is based on Heart Intelligent way of living. I invite you to join us in our quest.

The Thrive Avatar Training has 4 levels


Attend: Passionately Alive – 3 ½ day residential seminar

Learning Outcome: Take self and others through the CORE CLEARING PROCESS


Attend: Level 1 plus: refresh and assist Passionately Alive + 2 training days.

Learning Outcome: Take clients through the 3-month GENUINE SUCCESS program.


Attend: Thrive Living Program: 5 x 3 ½ Day modules and 5 Training Days

Learning Outcome: Take clients through the 6-month THRIVE COACHING program.


Attend: Levels 1, 2 & 3 plus 10 training days

Learning Outcome: Facilitate 1 & 2 day Breathwork and Empowerment Training.

Training can begin for you this month (June) this year!

We have a Passionately Alive workshop coming up on June 22nd to 25th that can get you started on your new life’s direction.


This training offers you an excellent opportunity to gain qualifications to establish a rich and rewarding career in Emotional Healing and Empowerment – an area of healing that has created much interest and is rapidly gaining recognition.

You go on your own personal growth through the training and create a life you want to live along the way. You gain the energy, focus and clarity to take your gifts to the world and make the difference you have wanted to make for so long.

Click Here to

Like to know about Thrive Breathwork?

Read our beautiful Thrive Breathwork Brochure that explains in simple terms how your breathing can be the catalyst for this beautiful heart opening process.

Click Here to Download Our New Brochure.

Time for a Thrive Breathwork Session?

Would you like to open your heart and find more inner peace, confidence and happiness?

“With each Breathwork session I do I feel lighter and brighter and more equipped to move forward in my life. I can now see opportunities for me in abundance.”

Marg Schooneveldt, Bank Officer.


Looking for a Thrive Breathwork practitioner near you?

We now have map of the world showing the location of all of our fully qualified Thrive Breathwork Practitioners.

Click Here to Find a Breathwork Practitioner Near You

*** EXCITING!!!***

The 5 Keys to unlock Your Hearts the Secret Code

Create more love and fulfillment in your career, your relationships,

your health so you can live fully and create a life you truly love.

E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) is the single greatest predictor of success and happiness. This 5 week online program explores the 5 hallmarks of highly successful people. It has taken many on the experience of transformation from Anxiety to Calmness, Frustration to Flow and Despair to Enthusiasm.

Discover how to shift from being stuck and struggling to achieving with more ease, make fewer mistakes and be more productive: (focused, present, in-tune, memory, intuition, flow) improved sleep, and shift from feeling alone or isolated to being connected and supported. Exchange tension, tiredness and pain to increased energy, well being and greater vitality. There is the outcome of a greater enjoyment of life and the gift of feeling that life as a true blessing.

Why EQ is the MASTER KEY

A much needed revolution is occurring on planet Earth. For too long have we looked at the planet, and its inhabitants as objects that we can use rather than being connected at one with all.

Attend this affordable, convenient life-changing program in the comfort and privacy of your own home

The program includes weekly live online group coaching sessions with Nicholas.

Explore the 12 Emotional Intelligence Keys to Life Mastery

  • 1. Self Awareness – the ability to respond most effectively
  • 2. Focus – versus being hijacked by emotional drama
  • 3. Inspiration – the ability to motivate oneself towards fulfillment
  • 4. Intuition – make better decisions with timing and grace
  • 5. Courage – the ability to step into the unknown and unfamiliar
  • 6. Delayed gratification – the ability to step into the unknown and unfamiliar
  • 7. Endurance, Grit, Determination – stay relaxed and focused on objective in discomfort
  • 8. Effortless flow – achieve success with joy and ease
  • 9. Peak Functioning – being in harmony and balance, congruence
  • 10. Clear blockages – identify and clear sabotage and procrastination patterns
  • 12. Resilience – ability to bounce back after setbacks, not take things personally
  • 12. Connect with others – enroll support and engage mentors

Find out more:

Free Breakthrough Session –EQ101 Preview Webinar: 7.00pm, 30th August 2017

Click Here to Register

EQ101 Training– The Hallmark of Success: Begins September 13

Click Here to Find Out More Information

Featured Thrive Coach Graduate

I met Nicholas at a Heart Intelligence presentation and it really struck me that I had not really educated my own emotional self as much as other aspects.

I attended PA with my husband, which really opened me up so I could be more present with my clients and myself, having lived in my mental world for so long. I attended the Thrive Coaching – Breathwork Training with Nicholas. It was really challenging to turn up for myself in each moment and step away from being a mother and wife to spend time on myself, however I wanted to walk my talk and live an authentic and heart-filled life and it was well worth it!.

Now, I’ doing what I love, running Emotional Intelligence trainings for parents of kids and teenagers, ‘Tuning into Kids’ and ‘Tuning into Teens’ programs enhanced with my learning from Nicholas. I love holding the space to help parents connect with how their emotions impact their relationships and empower them to teach these skills to their children.

I have run over 30 group programs with clients from the UK, US, Czech Republic and even Sri Lanka. I conduct sessions and programs in Melbourne and online for parents locally, interstate and globally including at local primary and secondary schools and youth groups.

Thank you Nicholas for helping me face my fears of rejection and judgement, get out there and share my message. Anne Hubbard, www.annehubbard.com.au

Thrive Business Building

Just look at what THRIVING and BUILDING a business looks like with Nicholas de Castella!
So many benefits to expanding, developing or mastering business skills and growth from a heart centered approach.

This a unique and powerful way to take the steps for your business to be successful. It is held for 2 days in person, 4 times a year (Thursday and Friday, 9am to 5pm) and online coaching and progress calls throughout the year.

“I have doubled my income and tripled my data base… My spirit has lifted and I am rethinking how I see my business and the way I work on it. I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to experience the freedom to run a business and now with your help Nicholas and this great group, I’m letting go of the fear that has kept me playing too small for too long.
Playing big will not mean that I focus on the money and success, though. Success will mean that I can relax, stop trying so hard, get organised, save time and focus on enjoying what I do so much more….. “

Fran Gleeson

Click Here to Get Your Free E-book
5 Step To Creating A Thriving Business Guide

Thrive Community Event– Christmas in July 2017

Saturday 22nd July 2017 6.30pm- $50 pp


It was a huge hit last year with delicious food and wonderful company so we have booked the Pig ‘n’ Whistle in Olinda once again for all the family to come along.

No one went hungry with the huge amazing 3 course set menu with vegetarian options. This is your chance to meet up with old friends, make new friends or be in the space of like-minded, heart centered people.

Bookings are essential, RSVP by Monday 17th July

To book contact Teresa on 0419 586 810 (teresars@bigpond.com )
with the number of people attending and any dietary requirements.

Also Nicholas & Susan’s beautiful property in The Basin is definitely an option for Saturday night stay. Rate: $70 couple, $50 single – with a Sunday 11am check out time.

BYO bedding sheets, pillowcases & towels.

A special thank you to Marisol Lopez and Teresa Ratcliffe (Thrive Breathwork Practitioners) continuing with the Thrive Community Building Events.

“We are committed to keeping the HEART CONNECTION alive with likeminded, heart centered beings and we hope it brings the opportunity for many to have fun, feel a sense of belonging and enhance joy in your life.

Opportunities for You to Thrive in 2017…


Breakthrough Training Day

Enjoy a radical shift in your life. Experience gently dissolving the blocks that hold you back and learn to access Heart Intelligence to live life to the fullest with ease and grace.



Passionately Alive

In just 3 and a half days, you can release amazing amounts of negative emotions and learn simple yet life changing skills and practices that will bring more joy and ease and success into everything that you do



Online ProgramEQ101

5 week foundational Emotional Intelligence Training to enhance confidence and performance, improve sleep, boost healing, deepen relationships and live life fully.The program begins on 13th September at 8.00pm.


Click here to find out more>>




Sunday August 6th
Clifton Hill, Melbourne
10am – 5pm

PASSIONATELY ALIVE Core Clearing Training

Come Alive, Thrive!
3 ½ Day Emotional Intelligence Skills Training

22 -25 June
26 – 29 October
23 – 26 November


Gain skill to guide people in the Genuine Success program.

Begins June 22 -25


Gain skill to guide people in the Thrive Process and Breathwork.

Begins June 22 -25
Training days 26 & 27 June

EQ101 – Online Training

Raise Emotional Intelligence

Preview: August 30th
Begins: September 13th


Christmas in July Pig ‘n’ Whistle, Olinda

Saturday 22nd July 6.30pm


How Heart Smart Are You?

Click Here For Your Free Emotional Intelligence Test


Available at: www.nicholasdecastella.com

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