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Clear the core issues causing you stress, anxiety and frustration

And transform your life with a new way of living!

Welcome to a whole new way of living…

·      Are you tired of working hard and struggling to get ahead?

·      Would you like to go to the next level but are not sure how?

·      Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious or lost?

·      Do you feel stuck, blocked or held back by the past?

·      Are you ready to discover the freedom lifestyle and live with more joy and ease?




Introducing a radical new, heart based way of living with joy and ease:




HEART EMPOWERMENT is about using Heart Intelligence to master stress, anxiety and overwhelm, find inner peace, release physical pain, accelerate healing, have the confidence to be who you are, deepen relationships and enjoy your life fully.


Clear any of these kinds of issues:

  • Are you nagged by a persistent issue that just wont go away?

  • Is there someone who just gets under your skin?

  • Do feel anxious about not being able to pay the bills?

  • Are you feeling stuck and frustrated at not getting ahead?

  • Do you have trouble not finishing jobs off, but don’t understand why?

  • Feeling mentally, fatigued, cloudy and overwhelmed about making an important decision?

  • Do you suffer from over active thinking that just wont stop and keeps you awake at night so you feel tired in the day and unable to function properly?

  • Are you racked by guilt or shame from the past that keeps you feeling bad about yourself?

  • Are you having trouble getting over a life disappointment: a broken heart, a business failure… ?

  • Is there an issue that keeps causing you to feel upset?

Ever wonder why we don’t do the things we know would make us happy and successful?

  • Why unfit people subscribe to a gym membership, but don’t go?

  • Why overweight people go on a diet and then end up binge eating?

  • Why lonely people want to connect with others, but stay at home?

  • Why people short on money want to save, but don’t?

  • Why we eat when we are not hungry?

  • Why we don’t make the phone calls we know we should?

  • Why we don’t get the rest we know would be good for us?

  • Why… we say one thing and then do another?

After 25 years of studying success and coaching over 10,000 people I’ve discovered the key to why we procrastinate, self-sabotage and under achieve.

The answer to all these questions lies in our subconscious unresolved emotions.

You can try to think more positively and use will power, but in the end it’s our hearts not our head that wins out.

We protect ourselves by NOT doing the things we know we should. We protect ourselves from the RISK of failing, being rejected, looking silly, feeling embarrassed… but really the greatest risk we face as a result is only living half a life.

Now I’d like to teach you some powerful emotional intelligence skills that help people find passion and direction, deepen relationships, accelerate healing, move forward, induce the ‘flow state’, stick at things when the going gets tough, bounce back after disappointments, manage tough times and really engage fully in life. And to live with a sense of joy and ease!

Yep it’s pretty cool!


Having the emotional mastery skills to guide people to give unhappiness and misery the flick and say: ‘Hello to joy and ease’.

Helping someone to let go of the past, rediscover their enthusiasm for life and move forward with renewed joy and ease.

Guiding people to let go of the burden of their emotional baggage and be able to laugh freely and smile at life again.

Helping people to let go of past hurts, resentments, fears and open their heart again to their loved ones.

Assisting people to let go of actual physical pain in their body from old blocked emotions and feel at ease in their own skin.

Being able to guide anyone to breakthrough their blockages and become inspired to open their heart.

The feeling of fulfillment you would get helping people connect to their deepest truth, start to follow their hearts guidance and live their life’s purpose.

Creating massive breakthroughs for your people who then become raving fans and begin you on your path to being of service, making a difference.

the all the head based books, online courses you've heard of, or youtube videos
you've watched. Come and feel the empowerment!

  • Really help people who are struggling to move forward and achieve genuine success

  • Deliver life-changing results over and over again

  • Create Raving Fans and grow your business

  • Guarantee your personal growth, increase energy and awareness

  • Express more of your full potential, who you truly are

  • Play a bigger game and make a HUGE difference

The 5 Steps to becoming an agent of change…


Step 1. Create the Motivation for Change

This step we help people connect to the motivation for change. Change is fundamentally scary and often uncomfortable so you need to help people find the motivation to change. 

Step 2. Take Personal Responsibility for Success

As long as people believe that they are victims of external circumstances they will feel stuck and powerless to change. An extra-ordinary confidence for change is awakened when you help people to see that they have the power to create what they want and that ultimately only they can do it.

Step 3. Clear Blockages 

This is the step where so many people hit the wall and where the Breakthrough Training really kicks in, big time! So many people try to use will power to push themselves into achieving their goals only to find themselves procrastinating and self sabotaging and worst of all – not knowing why?

The Breakthrough Training utilises the Core Clearing process to shift blockages. Core Clearing is cutting edge technology which utilises Emotional Intelligence to discover the subconscious blocks that hold us back and slow us down. It then helps people dissolve the blocks quickly and gently and find heart based inspiration.

Step  4. Build Enthusiasm and Motivation

Having cleared the blockages we gain access to our hearts passion, the deeper reason why we do what we do such as: to explore our full potential, to reach new heights, help people, make the world a better place.

Step  5 . Take Inspired Action

The final  step in the Breakthrough Training is to take courageous action. Nothing changes if nothing changes. In the end all personal growth needs to have an effective outcome for it to be worthwhile. 

“After 30 years in the trenches, I can count the number of world class practitioners – in my field – on one hand. Sure, there are myriads of great coaches but few genuine miracle workers out there.

Nicholas de Castella is one of the most truly gifted and genuinely talented coaches. His workshops are second to none. Calling Nicholas’s workshops life changing would be an understatement”.

Paul Blackburn, Director, Global Success Academy

In this FUN workshop you will discover:

  • The latest scientific findings about your hearts’ intelligence – yes it does ‘think’!
  • The exact steps you need to connect your head to your  heart and find your passion.
  • How to clear the emotional blockages and go to the next level of aliveness.
  • How to connect to the wisdom and intelligence in your heart for guidance in your life.
  • Release emotional tension and find harmony to boost your immune system.
  • A simple and gentle way to clear the emotional blocks that may have held you back for years.
  • How to live your life, from your heart, with more joy and ease
  • How to use heart congruence to transform procrastination and overwhelm into wisdom and clarity
  • How to balance work and family life without going mad in the process
  • How to raise your energy, increase your enthusiasm and boost your health

So you can…

  • Find your passion. Do what you love and love what you do.
  • You can feel much more confident and better about yourself
  • Connect to the source of peace, love and happiness within you.
  • Create strong, supportive, passionate loving relationships.
  • Get inspiration from your heart and achieve with ease and grace.
  • How to stay on track and keep moving forward in your life
  • You can achieve heaps and make the most of your life!
  • Create inner harmony to boost your  immune system to accelerate healing.
  • Have more energy, motivation and enthusiasm
  • Live from your heart, expressing your gifts, helping to make the world a better place

 “I feel a genuine connection with Nicholas and trust that he wants both of us to finish this program equipped and capable.  I respect & value his depth of knowledge and respect his leadership qualities.  Nicholas feels real, no BS, authentic and that I can open and be real back to him about anything”.

Andrew Macauley

CORE CLEARING is a primary method we use for clearing emotional blockages; heart opening and accessing Heart Intelligence for guidance in our life. It is the foundational practice for Emotional Healing, Intuitive Development, Loving Relationships, Spiritual Growth and Heart Centred Living.

The Core Clearing Process dissolves tension, anxiety, stress, grief, depression, incomplete past experiences, eliminates pain, accelerates healing by boosting the immune system, brings you into the present moment so you feel more alive, gives rise to balance and clarity so you can think more clearly, be more in touch with your intuition, make better decisions, perform better, connect deeper with others, be more in sync with life so things tend to flow better, opens you up so you feel more peaceful and alive and connects you in your heart so you become more gentle, compassionate, kind, generous, appreciative, as well as creating the openness for patience, resilience and inspired living.


This is your opportunity to experience the most powerful next generation transformational breakthrough process.

  • Explore in depth the 5 Steps to Creating Breakthroughs
  • Experience your own breakthrough: Clear a block holding you back with Core Clearing – a powerful process to help overcome frustration, procrastination, accelerate healing and gain clarity, direction and enthusiasm for life
  • Raise your Emotional Intelligence
  • Discover the 12 keys to Creating Ease and Flow
  • Understand the 5 steps to Finding Your Passion and Living it
  • Gain access to our Openhearted Community on Facebook and meeting for social gatherings. 
  • Get Going: No matter what’s got you stuck, the community and I am here to get you up and going again.

Ready to learn about how to create massive breakthroughs for your clients?



  • Full day BREAKTHROUGH TRAINING workshop facilitated by Nicholas de Castella.
  • Get ready for a day that will not only open your eyes and renew your spirit. Be prepared to open your heart as well. This fun and highly experiential day has the seeds that could change the course of your life. This is radical new information not available form any one else. The program starts at 10am and runs till 5.30pm. People do fly in and back home from interstate to attend in one day.


** Free copy of Keys to Emotional Mastery Book (value $25)

***Free access to online PASSION FINDER TRAINING  (value $147)

**** Bring a friend for FREE (value $197)

 “I know Nicholas can help me understand what my heart needs, and assist me to step into the next stage of my life.  I have investigated numerous options for courses over the years, but for whatever reason it hasn’t worked out.  This feels like I am finally coming home.”

Melinda Macauley

“This work complements my work I already do. I have found over time working on mindset with people has been challenging yet changing habits was a key to having people move forward to better health. Since I have implemented the practices I have had people come into my space with ease. This is very cool for me as in the past I would anguish over these things like finding new people to work with.”

Kathleen Ferguson, Nurse, Well-being Coach.

Nicholas de Castella

Nicholas de Castella


Nicholas de Castella is a Master of Emotional intelligence, He has over 20 years experience in life coaching and counseling. He has conducted over 10,000 private counselling and coaching sessions around the world.  He is an experienced facilitator and speaker and the workshops he runs are designed to help people to thrive and live life fully with a focus on practical Emotional Intelligence, Relationship skills, Breathwork, Meditation and Core Clearing techniques and Thrive Coach Training.   Nicholas spent his youth as a world class high performing athlete and represented Australia four times in World Athletic Championships. After surviving a tragic car accident and suffering from chronic fatigue he started to explore different methods of healing. At the age of 32, Nicholas made a career shift from working as a successful architect to founding his own personal development company.

Nicholas has dedicated his life to coaching and teaching about the power of open hearted living and helping to facilitate the realisation of the beauty and power that is available to each of us when we open our hearts.  He conducts sessions, workshops and presentations at his coaching center in Clifton Hill and retreat centre in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, Australia.  Nicholas is a passionate husband and father, a mentor and inspiration to many, and loves to spend time on his beautiful 7 acre bush property with his family and friends.

I am so sure you will get so much out of my Breakthrough Experience that I am offering a full refund if you don’t.

That’s how much I believe in this powerful process for creating breakthroughs for anyone.

 Ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions?

Q. I have attended lot’s of courses on helping facilitate breakthroughs.  Why is this any different?

A. Our culture is currently head based: Descartes famous saying is “I think therefore I am” Over thinking is a sympathetic nervous system response. The more stressed we are, the more overthinking we do.The less stressed we are, the less thinking we do. Think about this for a moment and you will realise that much of our western civilisation is running on paranoia. My process doesn’t use positive thinking or CBT –just changing your thoughts to change your feelings is very limited. Manipulating how you think and feel using your intellect is hard work. My work is based around how feelings give rise to thoughts –your feelings are real. Our work is about mastering our emotions We help people resolve the underlying emotions that cause problems in our lives. Resolve the emotions that drive busyness, over eating, and scattered thinking and failure. We give people the skills to be able to channel their emotions into creating what they want.

Q. Who is this training best for?

A. For anyone who like to be there for and help others through the tough stuff, especially working in the service industry – coaches, personal trainers, nurses, care workers wanting to support their clients in shifting through their issues, and who maybe might be interested in exploring a career in coaching people to live up to their full potential.
Q. Will this really work?

A. We can create change and I will teach you the skills and understandings to become an agent of change and help others. My job is to help you to become the person the world needs.

“ Nicholas is a caring and generous person who provides leadership and inspiration to others. He has a wealth of knowledge that he shares with others so they can learn to grow and nurture themselves. It is clear that Nicholas wants everyone to be winners in life by achieving love and prosperity from being heart centred.”

Jenny May